POS system with RFID
Residential Apartments
Housing Colony
Corporate Offices
Factories and Hospitals
Simple POS system
Wireless System
Built in RFID reader
Built in Thermal Printer
Advance Access Control
Interface with Boom Barrier
Report in PC
(Optional) Full Automatic Card Dispenser at Entry
Operation Principal
POS parking system uses simple Point of Sale Devices with built in RFID Reader and Built in Thermal Printer
When the CAR enters, the RFID Mifare Card is scanned.The POS System writes entry date/time on the RFID Card. Boom Barrier opens in sync with the Card scan.
When the CAR reaches the EXIT gate, the RFID Card is scanned, the POS reads Exit Time, The vehicle type is entered manually, (Optionally CAR no can also be entered manually). POS calculates Parking FEE and prints invoice. The Boom Barrier opens in sync with card scan. All Report can be printed diretly from POS system.
The POS data can be downloaded in the PC and the report can be viewed & printed.