Retractable gates are also called as collapsible gates. These gates are best suited for the openings facing space constraints or do not have parking space.

Retractable gates are also called collapsible gates, they are mainly used where large openings are needed. It is made of stainless steel or aluminum. It can give upuo 77% clear openings. the normal height of these gates are 1~2 meters. the standard height is 1.6 meters.

The motors speed is 15 Mt / min Open Time .

They are used as movable remote controlled fencing options. Can be used to cover up or surround a large area in a very short time. The broad build makes it difficult to cross or tamper with. They are available in two types - with or without rail lines. Depending on the customer's requirement. The Stainless steel bodies provide strength and integrity for outdoor operations. Retractable gates can be fitted with Alarm lights or sound - so that people around are alerted while the gate is in operation.


Retractable Gate