IntelliSpace Intuitive Teaching Software

IntelliSpace is designed as a new age software, where superior user experience is a key necessity. We wanted to provide the users much beyond a cluttered and confusing software with numerous options hidden like a puzzle in form of some drop down menus. IntelliSpace sports a fresh, app-like, uncluttered interface which is intuitive and requires very little learning curve even for the greenhorns.

Digital Content Hub

We view IntelliSpace as a tool to assist the teacher in the best possible way. Nothing can absolutely replace the flair, talent and expertise of a real teacher in the classroom. Provided these tools, a teacher can save those 20 minutes wasted in drawing a complicated diagram, and focus more on explaining it. What is more is that she can use the same diagram in multiple classes and even for successive years. Relevant Resource library Where most clip-art like images exist in most resource libraries meant to aid teachers in digital education, our content creation team believed very strongly that the images of animals and birds, and a few maps do not comprise of an effective resource library. To make sure that the resource library provided is relevant to almost all standards of education, our team built a repository of images, and diagrams based on the local content of each geography. Like in India, our repository contains images based on the AICTE curriculum. In Germany, we developed it according to the Kultusministerium.
Cloud Search

Cloud Library

We made the simplest possible gateway for the teachers to get quality content “on-demand” and free of cost on almost any topic on earth. All the content is classroom-safe and passed through Cybernetyx filters before being streamed on the teacher’s page. She can choose from the massive amount of world-class images and videos available from NASA, MIT, Yale or Khan Academy, and other rich content providers.

3D Content

Additionally to our image and video resources we also provide a growing database of 3D models for the classroom. The models can be viewed zoomed and rotated within IntelliSpace and you can search and pick them just like the other resources directly from the IntelliSpace library. Different from plane images these 3D models give the audience a much better understanding of the subject than most of the images available.

Multi-Touch From Ground Up

As the software gets spiced-up with natural user interface technologies, it was imperative for us to put multitouch gestures as a fundamental to do tasks faster in IntelliSpace. Imagine zooming and rotating an image with a flick of your fingers, rather than searching and trying to clutch that corner bubble hidden somewhere. The enormous possibilities with a natural interface in creating amazing content is the real power of IntelliSpace.

Internal Internet Browser

You can view websites without leaving IntelliSpace. Just open the Internet Browser Tool and start browsing the web. You can use the IntelliSpace toolbar to annotate and capture the content of the website. Or copy text directly from the Browser window into IntelliSpace. With this tool you can easily work with the browser without the need to leave your workplace.
Internet Browser
Desktop Annotation

Desktop Mode

With IntelliSpace you can use any other application on your computer without missing the whiteboard features IntelliSpace provides. Additionally we supply a few features which help you to work with other applications. For example use Ink-Anywhere and our handwriting recognition tools to fill excels cells with numbers or make quickly a simple diagram on top of your word document and post it directly as image between your text. You can also annotate and capture anything you see on your screen and use it directly on your IntelliSpace workspace with our screen capture tools.

Presentation Tools

Guide the focus of your audience with our powerful presentation tools. For example use multiple screen curtains to unveil a pro-contra list or the spotlight tool to explain specific parts of a diagram or an image. Both tools are also available in the Desktop Mode.