EyeSIGHT Classroom Visualizer Solution

  • All real physical objects can be captured, demonstrated, edited and recorded in full 3-D.
  • Audience can experience & get involved with the textbook diagrams and objects on the larger screen.
  • Live feed within the IntelliSpace software allows all the interactive whiteboard tools to be used on the physical object.
  • Augmented reality applications support with Cybernetyx OptiMark technology.

1. Seamless IntelliSpace Integration

The main difference between EyeSIGHT and the normal document camera/visualizer solutions available in the market today is that EyeSIGHT was conceptualized as an inherent feature of IntelliSpace software from the foundation. Thus, you can use all the wonderful IntelliSpace tools on the live capture of the 3-D physical objects on the EyeSIGHT device.
Seamless Integration

2. HD-quality capture and attention to details

Rather than increasing the view area of EyeSIGHT, we chose to adapt it to the ‘real’ needs in a classroom. This gave us the power of capturing 720p resolution HD quality images and videos of the focus objects.

3. Affordability and Cost-effectiveness

We ’ve been very perturbed by the whole concept of having another complex device in the classroom for capturing the live physical objects and text. Normally, these devices would cost almost as much as an interactive whiteboard solution itself. So, our target was divided into two parts:
  • To develop and integrate a classroom visualizer solution inside IntelliSpace with HD capabilities and specifications enough to handle the tasks required in a classroom.
  • To keep it cost-effective and an integral part of the Interactive whiteboard solution itself rather than a separate costly product.
  • To cut-down on all the frills around the existing solutions, to come up with a product suitable for the classroom usage.
  • To develop software peripheral services around this product, to make it more ROI-pro for the institutions investing in it, like augmented reality, virtual attendance system, classroom response system and so on.

4. Augmented Reality

Bring the lessons to life by utilizing the built-in augmented reality features of EyeSIGHT.
Augmented Reality