Walk Through metal Detector

Features and Functions

1.Adjustable sensitivity of each detection zone

2.Multi-alarm sounds to choose

3.Operating frequency can be adjusted manually or automatically

4.Detection technology: Even detection technology,no blind spot

5.Internet technology:Remote upgrade system and remote control system

6.Working band: 50 working bands

7.Sensitivity of each detection zone:400 level

8.Security level: 100 level

9.Statistics: Record the pass and alarm numbers

10. Query function: The system has real-time information query function

11.Intelligent Standby: The system has intelligent standby operation alerts

12.Detection speed: more than 60 people pass and detect in 1 minute

Advanced function

1.Intelligent partition: Can change detection zones according customers’ demands

2.Computer network function:Can connect PC terminal that change specification of WTM Also can check Real—Time type amount of walked-through people via computer(optional)

3.Can integrate 72 application occasions in the program,so can change all zones Sensitivity when you choose different occasion

4. Have 4 kinds infrared mode: IR ON/IR OFF/Front group IR ON/Back group IR ON

door frame metal detection