Biometric Attendance Reader


Keeping track of attendance at office, knowing when your employees come in and leave, and making sure only authorized individuals enter, is extremely important to the security and time management of your organization. With this V21 Biometric Attendance Reader, can easily monitor employees coming in and leaving the premises and also keep a tab on the authorization of the individuals. This biometric system works on fingerprints. It needs to be plugged in while in use, therefore, does not require batteries. It has a large memory storage capacity and can store a great deal of sensitive data. It has a clear display and the devices measures 183 x 45 x 138 mm. It is black in color and has a sleek design which will not look bulky regardless of where it is placed. It has a mini speaker and the keypad has soft buttons that will help you punch in your password.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the V21 Biometric Attendance Reader is large and can store up to 500 fingerprint templates. The transaction storage of the device is around 50,000 Logs.


The biometric time attendance machine has a 32 Bit high speed embedded processor. It has an identification speed of less than or equal to 1 second, an FAR of less than or equal to 0. 0001 per cent and an FRR of less than or equal to 1 per cent. The Identix K 21 has a 500 DPI Optical Sensor which helps in the recognition of the fingerprints stored.


The V21 Biometric Time Attendance Machine has a TFT colour display, which measures 7. 11 cm. Your career may see you addressing paper writing service  issues linked to climate change, helping to protect areas of countryside, waterways and shorelines, or promoting energy efficiency within your town or country. The device has a red and green LED indicator and a 4 x 4 keypad. It also has a schedule bell and mini speaker that confirms the recognition of the fingerprint.


V21 time attendance machine has communication features like TCP/IP, RS232, USB-Host and RS485. The standard features of this security device include an SSR Recorder, DST, Self Service Query, Automatic Switch and T9 Input among others.

Power and Environment

V21 Biometric Time Attendance Machine requires a power supply of DC 5V, 1 Amp. The operating temperature of this device is 0 to 45 Degrees C and the operating humidity ranges from 20 to 80 per cent.

Access Control



It is compatible with software and SDK This helps you keep record of the attendance entries on your system.

Major Applications

V21 Time Attendance Machine will be extremely useful not just in offices but also to keep track of entries and exits in schools, canteens, clubs, gyms and many more. It will be useful for Production Management as well. It is a wonderful way of tracing time and keeping tab on attendance.

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