Swing gate operator WSS 300/500 (arm ) auto swing gate motors have been prevalent in the west for the last decade and now it's coming to India. Consists of two extended, synchronized, arms that are attached on the two flaps of your existing swing gate. Arm type swing gate operators are widely used in gate automation. Suitable for up to 300kg / 3 meter per leaf gates. Applications Bungalows/apartments/factories/office Technical specification
Model WSS-300h WSS-500h
Door type Single/double
Door weight / leaf 300kg/ leaf 500 kg/leaf
Door width / leaf 3mt/leaf 5mt/leaf
Ac power/ leaf 220 V AC +/- 13% / 50Hz/125 Watts 220 V AC +/- 13% / 50Hz/ 400 Watts
Opening time 2-10 sec
Program controller Micro controller based to set door parameters
Motor type Dc 24v high efficiency 230v ac
Accessories Base plate, clutch key, remote control beacon/flash light, manual switch, photo sensors
Optional E lock