The Vega9300 is an intelligent, high-security, multi-purpose and cost effective EDC terminal capable of offering payment and non-payment solutions. It integrates a magnetic stripe card reader, smart card reader, contact less card reader, and SAM acceptor(s) for a wide range of credit, debit and loyalty transactions. It can support multi-communication interface, which includes RS232, RS485, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and GSM/GPRS. As the Vega9300 is designed to be portable, the communication interface can be changed without changing the handset. The Vega0300 is ready for future payment requirements, such as a bullt-in  contactless smart card reader.  To satisfy diverse demands, the Vega9300 completes multiple payments and value added applications.

Product Features : Vega Series  
Processor 32 bits
Memory 4M bytes Flash Memory (Up to 8M of Flash) 1M bytes SRAM (Up to 2M of SRAM)
Display 128X64 Graph LCM with Backlight
Printer Integrated fast thermal printer , easy loading paper , 2 inches width standard roll paper 
Keypad ¡EStandard numeric keypad , plus 1 power key with Menu Key function ¡E4 Programmable function keys ¡EKeypad with Backlight
Indicator 3 LED Lights Indicator of Power, Process and Host Communication function
Magnetic Card Reader Triple Track Magnetic Card Reader , Straight Swipe Bi-Direction
Smart Card Reader EMV Level 1 Approved ISO 7816 1-2-3
RF Card 1 Contactless Reader with ISO14443 A/B(Option)
Base Modem [Vega9310] ¡EV. 32 bis Fast Connect MODEM and Support Sync HDLC¡@¡@(Option to V. 90) ¡E1 RS485 w/SDLC [Vega9320] ¡EV. 32 bis Fast Connect MODEM and Support Sync HDLC¡@¡@(Option to V. 90) ¡E10/100 Ethernet
RS232RS485 Ethernet GSM/GPRS Up to 3-RS232 Ports1 RS 485 10/100 Ethernet 900/1800 or 850/1900 MHz (optional)
Battery 4 NiNH Battery with Auto Charger and Protector
Power 12VDC Input
Operating Temperature 0~55 ¢J
Operating Humidity 25~90% Non Condensing
Dimensions ¡EHandset: 210mm(L)X90mm(W)X65mm(H) ¡EBase: 170mm(L)X120mm(W)X40mm(H)
Weight ¡EHandset: Approx 510g(Including Battery) ¡EBase: Approx 210g