Product Information

The CryptoMate is a 2-in-1 USB token, combining seamlessly the security of a cryptographic smart card chip and the convenience of a USB connector. It is always ready to be plugged into the USB port at anytime and anywhere, either for logging on Windows or paying online. Everything is well prepared for you, so that you will never get into the trouble with seeking inter-operable smart cards and smart card readers!The CryptoMate Client Kit is a secure and easy-to-use package solution to manage and protect your electronic certificate(s). All sensitive credentials and private keys are now stored inside the CryptoMate but not the vulnerable computer. As the information will never leave the USB token, ultimate security is reached    SDK Contents   CryptoMate USB PKI Token
  • 32K bytes secured storage
  • Storage of X.509 certificate, private/public keys
  • On-board 512-,1024, and 2048- bit RSA algorithm
  • High quality on-board key pair generation
  • CSP middleware, supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express
  • PKCS#11 middleware, supports Netscape, Mozilla
  • Plug & Play USB full speed (12Mbps) 
  • Software drivers
    • supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and Linux.
  • CSP middleware
    • enables your CryptoMate to work with Microsoft browsers and email clients and custom build applications.
  • PKCS middleware
    • enables your ACOS5 card and reader to work with Netscape, mozilla browsers, email clients and custom build applications in both Windows and Linux Operation system.
  • ACOS5 Admin tool
    • allows you to manage your electronic Certificates in your ACOS5 Cryptographic smart card.
  • Reference Manual
  • Technical Specifications
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