Product Information

ACR92 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader is a specially designed smart card peripheral for notebook and portable computers. It is compliant to PC/SC, FCC and ISO 7816 and it is also EMV Level 1 Certified making it suitable for applications related to banking services and credit card payments.The ACR92 is easy to install and use. It establishes a uniform interface between the computer and the smart card for a wide variety of cards. By taking care of the card specific particulars, the software engineers need not to understand the full technical details of the smart card/computer interface to carry out the implementation of a smart card system. It also allows future firmware and application upgrade.  

Technical Specification

Full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
Read and write all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1 protocols
Min 100,000 card insertion cycles
Sliding connectors (8 contacts)
Transmission speed (with Card: up to 344Kbit/sec)
On-board flash provides firmware upgrades
Compliant to PCMCIA mechanical specifications
Certificate of conformance:PC/SC, FCC, EMV 2000 Level1, RoHS
Support ISO-7816 Class A, and AB smart cards


Typical Applications

Home Banking and Home Shopping
Checking the balance of electronic purses
Network access control
Software Licensing
Digital signature
Loyalty Program
Stored value
Parking and toll collection
Online gaming
Automatic Fare Collection
Physical Access Control
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