Product Information

The ACR128 DualBoost is a dual interface smart card reader compliant to ISO 7816 Part 1-3 Class A, B standard for the Contact smart card and to ISO 14443 Part 1-4 Type A, B standard for the Contactless Card. By combining contact and contactless interfaces in one reader, ACR128 is appropriate for situations where the environments favor dual interface applications. For example, you may use the ACR128 on the one hand to settle your online payment with contact EMV Level 1 cards, on the other hand to read the balance of your Mifare membership cards.The ACR128 DualBoost Smart Card Development Kit (ACR128 SDK) provides the user the following: sample applications, sample codes, tools and utilities that can be used to experience the features and capabilities of the ACR128 DualBoost. The demo application is a small-scale database application that shows users how the ACR128 DualBoost can be implemented in a smart card based application. Furthermore, the ACR128 SDK also includes tools, utilities, and sample codes written in several programming languages to help the developer create a variety of real world applications. Manuals and other reference materials are also included to help understand how to operate the device by sending commands to the contactless tags and the device peripherals

 SDK Contents

 ACR128 DualBoost Smart Card Reader
  • USB Full Speed (12 Mbps)
  • User-controllable monotone buzzer
  • Two User Controllable LEDS
  • Contact Smart Card Reader:
    • Durable landing-typed Smart Card connector
    • Built-in SAM card slot
    • Support major ISO7816 cards
  • Contactless Smart Card Reader:
    • Built-in Antenna
    • Support Major ISO14443 Type A/ B cards
    • Native T=CL support, T=CL emulation for MIFare 1K/4K PICCs.
    • High-speed communication (e.g. 424 kbps, 848 kbps)
  • Supports Multi-Block Transfer Mode
  • Intelligent Support for Hybrid Cards and Combi Cards.
  • PC/SC Compliant for Contact and Contactless Smart Card Interfaces
  • CCID Compliant
  • CE and FCC Standards
  • RoHS compliant
 Test Cards
  • 5 x Mifare 1K Contactless Cards
  • 5 x ACOS3 Microprocessor-based cards
  • 1 x ACOS6-SAM cards
  • Software drivers
    • supports Windows2000, XP, 2003, and VISTA
  • Demo programs
    • ACR128 Multi-Application demo - shows a real world business application.
  • Utility Tools
    • ACR128 Tool – enables users to perform reader and contactless card (ISO 14443 Type A & B, Mifare) related commands
    • ACS Card Tool – allows users to send commands from a PC/SC compliant smart card reader to an ISO7816 compliant smart card.
    • ACS QuickView - checks for proper driver installation
    • ACS Easy Key – helps to change Mifare security settings
  • Sample Codes
    • demonstrates basic commands used to communicate with the ACR128 reader and the smart cards
    • Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ 2005 (x64), Delphi 7, VB.NET 2005, Visual C# 2005
  • Reference Manuals
  • Technical Specifications
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