This is India’s First, Single Stage Model Rocket where we offer the complete plans and basic kit. You can make it in about 2 hours. The kit contains all materials required to make a working model, which can go up to a height of 600 ft (Rocket motors to be purchased separately). We show you how to modify the Diwali Rocket Motor. Electric Launcher sold separately (Rs. 750/-) Or you can make one by yourself from the Assembly Manual itself. As a Launch pad you can use an old Tin and Metal Rod.  Rocket Firing should always be under Adult Supervision and Aero-Sports does not take any responsibility for accidents/damages/personal injuries of any kind.  The Kit consists of:
  • Balsa wood- 2MM Thickness
  • Modeling knife, Metal Scale & Pen
  • Cyanoacrylate Glue sticks & Fevicol
  • Aero-Sports Logo Stickers
  • Illustrated  Assembly Manual for Building, Finishing, Trimming & Flying .
  • Free Technical Support via Telephone/Email.