This is a great follow up to the Cicada Chuck Glider where you can assemble and fly a beautiful Rubber Powered Model made out of Imported materials. The simplest form of a motor for an aero model is a piece of rubber in the form of a long band that is wound up to spin a plastic propeller. These balsa and tissue covered models can rise of the ground and produce thrilling flights.  The kit also includes Metal Landing Gear & Plastic Wheels which makes the Model a R.O.G (Rise of Ground) Model. It takes about 3 Hours of concentrated work to finish the model. Our oldest customer is 90 years old and a retired pilot from Indian Airlines. He loved it! The Kit consists of:
  • Balsa Wood - 2MM and 4MM thickness
  • Modeling knife, Metal Scale & Pen
  • Cyanoacrylate Glue sticks & Fevicol
  • Butter Paper Sheet
  • Contest Quality Imported Synthetic Rubber Band
  • Imported 6'Inch Propeller with Nose Hook
  • Landing Gear with Wheels
  • Aero-Sports Logo Stickers
  • Colourful and Informative Booklet on Basic Aeromodeling 
  • Illustrated Assembly Manual for Building, Finishing, Trimming & Flying .
  • Free Technical Support via Telephone/Email.
Warden Aero-Sports Chipmunk Challenge! We offer a special prize to any Modeler who can make this model fly for a minute with alterations if needed. Shoot a Video of your Model flying and rush it to to claim your prize!