Automatic retractable or automatic telescoping bollards are used in high traffic areas, where deploying and retracting automatic bollards is higher in frequency. Our bollards can raise or lower on command in 3-5 seconds.

The automatic bollards we use are pneumatic, hydraulic and electric piston drive systems. Each system has its own unique characteristics with how it moves the automatic bollards, and also differences in their efficiency and maintenance. Electronic piston drive systems uses an electric motor to push the piston within the cylinder. These systems have the highest precision control, and are also the quietest of all the other systems. Pneumatic uses compressed air to move a piston in a linear motion within the cylinder. The advantages of this system is its simplicity, accuracy, minimal maintenance and the cost being less. Hydraulic systems use an in-compressible fluid being pushed by a pump within the cylinder to give the automatic bollards their linear motion. The hydraulic system has the highest force output being almost 25 times greater force than a pneumatic system.

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Automatic Bollards