Fingerprint Attendance Reader with Auto Adapt technology

Product Information  

The new Av5  is a compact and a high speed fingerprint recognition terminal Suitable for small and medium sized organizations upto 2000 employees. The terminal can  record upto 50000 offline transactions.  
  • GUI?Interface?for?ease?of?use
  • Easy to integrate into various system
  • Standalone or network environment
  • Embedded multi-language interface
  • 3? screen with more compatible usage
  • 24 hours continuous operation available
  • Saves data during power outage
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers/Cards
  • SDK available for OEM customers and software developers
 Display/Speaker  Language
   LCD Display: 3" high-definition display   English
   Speaker: Voice Prompt (language can be selected)   
 Technical Specifications Capacity  Environment
   Fingerprint capacity: 2,000   card : 2,000    Operation temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃
   Log capacity: 50,000    Operation humidity: 20% ~ 80%
 Verification/Identification  Verification/Identification
   Verification speed(1:1): ≤0. 5s    FRR: ≤0. 01%
   Identification speed(1:N): ≤1s    FAR: ≤0. 0001%
 Power Supply  Machine Size
   Power: 110/220VAC ~ 9VDC    190*140*57mm
 Communication  Attendance status
   TCP/IP, USB Host/Client    Check in, Check out
 Standand Function  Customize Function
   Auto status   
This attendance machine can be used in any place of commerce like a corporate office, a bank, a mall, a hotel, a restaurant, a gym or club, etc. Places with a large labour force like warehouses, factories and workshops will also benefit from a system like this. It can even be used in schools and colleges to record attendance. In fact, serviced apartment buildings and gated communities can also use it with a surveillance system to ensure added protection and restrict unwanted visitors. When a large number of employees are involved, security is of the utmost importance whether it is a corporate office or a warehouse.  A biometric attendance machine like this is an excellent option irrespective of the kind of work your organization does. It helps you to monitor the entry and exit times of employees and visitors and also enables you to create checkpoints to deny or grant access. In addition to one unit at the entrance to your organization, you can have one placed on every floor or even at the door for particular rooms if needed. An automatic machine not only allows you to keep tabs on comings and goings, but also is quite helpful as it allows you to track attendance and thereby simplify the payroll system. It reduces attendance calculation errors, increases productivity and helps you save money too.